Thornton: ‘Grambling has taught me how to never give up on what I start’

My dear ole Grambling, boy have you given me the four years of my life.

When I came here, I did not expect to have the experience I had. My freshman year I battled with myself between playing softball or orchestra. Ultimately I chose orchestra after doing both for a whole semester. 

Sophomore year I found myself venturing into the TV Center where Mr. B taught me a handful of skills. If you need your name to pop up on the jumbotron at an event, I’m your gal! 

Junior year I volunteered as a videographer, photographer and content editor for The World Famed Tiger Marching Band. This carried all the way into the spring semester. 

Senior year, taking Dr. Lee’s Commercial Photography and Photojournalism classes have really enhanced my skills as a photographer. This boosted my clientele tremendously and I’m forever grateful to her. 

Grambling has taught me how to never give up on what I start. Grambling has challenged me mentally and physically to become the woman I am today. I’ve seen my best days and I’ve seen my worst days here at Grambling but it was all worth the education. I can leave Grambling satisfied in knowing I received my valuable education at an HBCU. 

One thing Grambling killed me with was writing. I personally hate to write but Grambling ensured I knew how to do more than just take a photo. I am grateful to Dr. Frazier, Ms. Peters, Dr. Morganfield, Dr. Edu and Dr. Reeves for teaching me essentials to writing newsworthy stories. 

Grambling has also enhanced my video skills, editing skills and taught me new knowledge on audio production. I am grateful for Mr. Richardson, Dr. Welch, Mr. B, and Mr. Black for the knowledge they have permanently cinched into my brain. 

One last shout out to Dr. Lee for stressing your girl out in Desktop Design. There is nothing I can’t do in photoshop! I’ll never forget you Dr. Lee, I love you! 

Mr. Tao, you pushed me as a musician and I thank you. You’ve made me a rare breed indeed. I cannot wait to start playing weddings with the repertoire you’ve helped me build. 

Thank you Mr. Hamms who knew my name and face by heart because I emailed and came to see him a lot . Haha!  Thank you to any administrative personnel that I’ve had to email to receive assistance from as well The very last shoutout I have is for my advisor who was none other than Ms. Peters. Thank you so much for being along my side these four years. Each semester I’ve sat with you and spongebob for advising. Each semester you’ve flawlessly given me the best advice and even when the curriculum switched, you still kept me on track to graduate. I love you so Ms. Peters.

After college, I have a full time job at SkillzPlus Entertainment as the lead photographer and part time videographer/editor.

I have been with this company for a little over a year as a part time photographer, part time videographer and on my birthday my boss called me and offered me the full time position.

I will give this job 100% of me until it’s time for me to venture out and open my own building to conduct my visuals. Look out Grambling, you’ll see AFROdite Visuals becoming more than just local one day!

– Se’Dashia Thornton is a Senior Integrated Mass Communication major from Shreveport, La.  

Se’Dashia Thornton