Alexander: First year vs. final year of college: Advice to freshmen

The first year of college is always something that will be remembered, from the getting accepted to your dream school, getting things for your dorm, getting away from parents and starting to experiencing the adult life.

The first day of college is always nervous, but it also comes with good times and good memories. 

Art major Marquel Alexander knew that the first semester of his freshman year would always be one to remember. 

“Grambling is so welcoming. Once stepping on campus I just felt the love, from the meeting new people to my professor being super cool and helpful with my teachers helping me get better with my craft.” 

Although the first semester came with some challenges, Alexander said, pushed through and made sure that he finished the semester off strong. Despite the challenges that arose, he said his first semester was so good, he was more than eager for the next semester to begin.

Students can easily make the most of college, making sure to take on the many opportunities that come along before they’re cast out into the “real” world, because you may never have the same options or opportunities again. 

College is all about gaining knowledge and experience so that when the time does come, you are able to begin a career in your field. 

Whether you’re a freshman, sophomore, junior or senior, networking during college is a big thing. You’re going to meet a lot of people while in college, and everyone you meet is a resource. They might know who is looking for an intern or seeking to hire someone with your qualifications. 

Professors or bosses might be willing to write letters of recommendation or act as references for your future job prospects. 

Networking is extraordinarily important in the business world, and you do it a lot in college. You may not even be aware of it. Networking is a skill that will take you far in life and will be used a lot in college. 

Communication plays another big role in college. Already meeting and interacting with a ton of different kinds of people, these interactions will also merit different kinds of communication. 

While in college, you must learn how to tailor your communication language to different audiences. This is prime time learning for how to craft professional and appropriate emails, how to speak with peers. 

Good communication is important in every facet of life, not just with school or business. Recent graduate Deonta Rigsby, who earned a bachelor’s degree in mass communication here at Grambling State University was happy to reflect on his time at GSU. Rigsby simply couldn’t do anything but smile.

“I didn’t choose Grambling, Grambling chose me,” he said. “I say this because if I would have gone anywhere else I would’ve turned out a totally different person. 

“Grambling helped mold me and helped me get to where I needed to be in life. I’m truly blessed and honored to have gained the knowledge I needed and memories I have from attending college,” Rigsby said.