Talk Back: Do you plan to donate to your HBCU when you graduate?

Talk Back: Do you plan to donate to your HBCU when you graduate?


Amahjah Wallace 
Criminal Justice with a concentration in Paralegal Studies 

I do plan on giving back to my HBCU, however not directly after I graduate. I want to be able to be comfortable once I graduate and get a start on my career so that when I do give back I can do it stress-free.


Serenity Johnson-Buchanan
Biology major
Houston, TX

I would like to donate back to Grambling State University because of their investment into my future. I want students to be able to have better resources than I did and my donation would open more doors that I was given.

Jada Starks 
Farmerville, La. 
Psychology and Sociology 

The most important reason why I plan on donating is because of the love I have for grambling . Grambling is literally the place where everybody is somebody and with me donating I can help contribute to changing the lives of the young people attending this institution.


Star G. Lewis 
Jackson, Miss. 
Business management and Psychology 

I wouldn’t because I don’t trust the school to be appropriate with the funds that I give. I would however put the money towards directly want I want to see happen at the school. For example more scholarships or a better track.


Adrian Consonery, Jr. 
Marietta, Ga. 
Mass communication 


I definitely will donate to my HBCU as long as I am able to guide where my money goes.