Student by day, business owner by night: A look at Allen Sandifer

Allen Sandifer manages to run a business all while pursuing his education at Grambling State University.  

Sandifer is a New Orleans native who is currently completing his Senior year at Grambling State University, where he is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications. 

He is also the CEO and founder of the Beast Vibez clothing brand. 

Sandifer came from a rough environment where witnessed  many people struggle from a young age. He internalized the hardships  he and his family faced and turned that energy into inspiration to do and be the best person that he could. 

“I grew up not having a lot of clothes. I used to always wear the same thing so I decided to create my own clothes. It’s a reminder of how I grew up and how hard I have to work,” Sandifer said. 

As a child Sandifer’s parents instilled in him the values of hardwork and dedication. They always pushed him to try new things, and to try his best at everything he participated in. This helped to cultivate the meaning behind his brand. The motto of Beast Vibes is to “Be A Stand Out.” 

“It’s about being built differently. Doing the things that people won’t do,” Sandifer said.

Sandifer is very active on Grambling State University’s campus. He is a member of the United African American Men Fraternity, a member of “The Lab” radio and a photographer. Sandifer manages all of these obligations while still completing his coursework and running his business. 

Looking from the outside into his life, Sandifer makes this balancing act look easy. However, he is certain to point out he has a lot of responsibility. 

“It’s hard running a business,” he said. “You’re running a business and taking care of your business in school. Priority and organization is what helps balance everything out a little bit.” 

Sandifer utilizes his peers, fraternity and other on campus networks to further his brand. He said his classwork has helped him market his business better. 

“Classes like photography, editing and graphics, and web media. Those are classes that paid a tribute to helping my brand grow,” Sandifer said. 

Students at Grambling State University you might have seen Sandifer on The Yard selling his Beast Vibez merchandise. 

He frequently does pop up shops there whenever he gets the chance. Sandifer takes pride in putting reasonably priced quality clothing in the reach of college students. 

“I know firsthand how expensive it can be to be in college. That’s why I never charge too much,” Sandifer said. 

His clothing brand currently sells t-shirts, hoodies and masks. Sandifer plans on expanding the apparel soon. 

In the next few years Sandifer plans to offer a broad variety of clothing items. He would like to see his brand worn by many high profile people. 

Sandifer plans to obtain his degree in Mass Communications and utilize the information that he obtained through completing his coursework to further his brands reach. 

If you are interested in supporting Beast Vibez you can follow the brand on instagram @BeastVibez_.

Allen Sandifer