Talk Back: How has Covid-19 impacted your Spring 2021 semester?

Talk Back: How has Covid-19 impacted your Spring 2021 semester?

Brian K Philson
Assistant Chief of Police / Graduate student 

“For our whole department I would say it was difficult because of the unknown of dealing with the virus. Although we have done a good job of putting rules in place not everyone has taken the precautions as seriously.”


Cornelius Denzel Jackson
General Studies
Jonesboro, La. 

“ Because of covid-19, my academic semester  is horrible because I am not doing good at all.  Professors are acting like they are seeing us face to face. The work load is  piled up so much, and we the students are really teaching ourselves. I never would have thought my senior year would be this hard.  I’m supposed to graduate in December and I’m scared that I’m not going to make it because the teacher are giving so much assignments rather than instructing.”



Marjorie Newman
Department of Mass Communication
Undergraduate Coordinator and Lecturer
Grambling State University

“I originally used BigBlue Button in Canvas but then realized the students could not see each other, they could only see me. I decided to use Teams so the students could see their classmates. The biggest challenge was getting students to turn their cameras on.”

Justin Jones 
Graduating Senior
Mesquite Texas

“COVID-19 has made learning a challenge but it also pushed me to work harder to succeed in the classroom. Having deployed before,  I’ve taken classes under worse conditions. We had to wake early and work late leaving me tired. But it taught me how to manage my time and get organized. Which is why I have made the deans list the last 3 semesters. Maintaining academic success during a panini is my biggest flex.”


Donovan Keith Shaw 
Child development
Winnsboro, La. 

“COVID-19 change my education A lot. All my classes are now online and sometimes it gets very hard cause the teacher isn’t teaching the students face to face.”