Talk Back: What’s an issue of interest at GSU?

What’s an issue of interest at GSU?

Tiffany Sanders, Graduate Student, Criminal Justice, Monroe 

“GSU adheres to its motto, “Where everybody is somebody”. The GSU atmosphere and teachings are motivational and inspiring. It’s most welcoming to different ethnic backgrounds while also taking pride in being a minority. Not many universities offer this experience, I am proud to say that I attend a HBCU.”

Racheall WIlliams, Junior, Jonesboro, La.

“I think more undergrad programs could be offered and internships for lower classmen to possibly see if the career of our choosing is really what we would like to do.”

Aaliyah Mitchell, Junior, Shreveport

“The miscommunication between students and teachers since the pandemic.”

Robert Thompson III, Junior, Mass Communication, Bastrop, La. 

“An issue of interest that I have at GSU is that some professors respond back to students late who reach out about class or sometimes they do not respond back in a proper manner when a student asks a question pertaining to class. We are all adjusting to this new policy and can work with each other in a genuine manner. ”

Tiara Brooks, Senior, Mass Communication, Bastrop, La.

“Students at GSU who do their paperwork in a timely manner still struggle with having someone call or email them informing them about what should be done after completing their steps. Instead of reaching out to multiple people about their academic status it is felt that the administration team could be more attentive with their work and fellow students who do their part on staying on top of things.”