Talk Back: What life lesson(s) have you learned while attending GSU?

What life lesson(s) have you learned while attending GSU

Vionetre Petty
Engineer Technology

“Things always get better with time.”

Vino Taylor
Mass Comms

“Since attending GSU I have learned that it is very important to live in the moment and be grateful for everything you have. When COVID hit last year, our lives changed and alot of things we took for granted we can no longer do.”

Rokiya Tucker
Louisville, Ky.

“The biggest life lesson I’ve learned while attending GSU is making decisions on my own, Realizing how to actually be an adult.”

Kiona White
Mass communication

“One life lesson that I have learned while attending Grambling is that networking and professional relationships are very important. No matter where you go you can meet someone who might make a difference in your life so your appearance and first impression matter.”

Lauryn Franklin
Berkeley CA,
Visual and Performing Arts

“Since being at Grambling I’ve learned that nobody is going to go harder for you than you. You have to always depend on yourself and cannot lean too much on others to help or have the answers you gotta go looking for them yourself.”