Q&A: Grambling alumnus Sharon Ford-Dunn

Sharon Ford-Dunn was once just a small town girl who had big dreams and hope for herself to become an inspiration to others.

Grambling was once a tiny area with few opportunities at the time but the few opportunities they did offer she was more than determined to do great things to help improve her community and also her school.

In this question and answer session Ford-Dunn shares insight on her life with Grambling so readers may understand what a great impact it has had on her since she was a little girl.

Ford-Dunn has rarely ever left the Grambling area, but has been able to make positive impact on an untold number of students passing through the campus to the rest of their lives.

In 2018 she retired from Grambling as an Associate Professor in the Department of Mass Communications. 

Did you grow up in the Grambling area?

Yes, I was raised in Grambling,La. I attended Alma J. Brown Elementary. I basically grew up in Grambling attending school in the area from kindergarten to college.”

What did you major in?

“In 1985, I was a double major in Broadcasting and English during 1985.”

How did you tie those in together?

“I majored in English which was my favorite subject in school. At first I majored in Business Management then I chose to switch to Mass Communication because I love speaking with people to inspire them. I am very good with public speaking, I would volunteer to speak with children, women’s day programs,and announcements for church.”

Did you do any extra activities while attending Grambling?

“Yes, I was the student station manager for KGRM for the last two years of undergrad. After graduating I then became manager for KGRM and kept the position for two years as well. When I was a part of KGRM it started off as a 100 watts station. Now it is 50,000 watts station.

Did you receive your masters?

“I worked with a radio station in Lafayette for a bit before returning to Grambling graduate school. In 1986, I graduated with my master’s in Liberal Arts."

What’s the difference between Grambling then and now?

“When I attended grambling there were more students and very family oriented from surrounding areas. I had friends from many different areas attending Grambling. More foreign students were attendees. There were far more family values and togetherness. With so much going on now due to technology expansion people rarely interact with one another. There wasn’t much technology back then and young people now are used to connecting through text or email.”

What are the challenges for small radio stations?

“The lack of funding during the time I was working with the radio station was the issue. Today there are more opportunities and increased funding for the radio station.”

What has inspired you to be who you are today?

“God made it all possible.”

Do you feel that you’ve reached your goals?

“Since the second grade my main goal as a child was to be an educator. If I tried to play with friends who were a bit older and I couldn’t be the teacher I wouldn’t play with them. So, you can say I fulfilled my dream with teaching. I sought out to be a news reporter when I became a college student but I never lost sight of my first love to be a teacher. I am a peoples’ person and I love to interact while encouraging young people to achieve their dreams.”

Sharon Ford-Dunn