Talk Back: What is one thing you would change about GSU and why?

Talk Back: What is one thing you would change about GSU and why?


Donovan Keith Shaw
Child Development
Winnsboro Louisiana

“One thing that I’ll change about GSU is allowing The Boys to do more on campus. I see other HBCU’s have pageants For boys to be the cover of the calendar (and Months). Grambling State University needs a Mr. Grambling.”

Darriell “Butter” Herron
Elementary Education
Platte City, Missouri

“If I could change one thing about Grambling, it would be the transparency. Lately, it has been a little smog but I understand a lot is happening. I love Grambling truly but sometimes I get fed up with its disorganization as well.”


Kalil Renyolds
Business Management
Lake Charles, Louisiana

“I would change the way students are able to room with friends and change the first come first serve rule with housing that gram currently has.”

De’Shundranieka Thomas
Biology Major
Winnsboro, Louisiana

“The thing I wish I can change about GSU is I wish some of these online class instructors/professors would be more helpful and understanding especially with giving out the important information needed for class.”


Benedict Nwokolo Jr.
Business Management
Ruston, Louisiana

“The one thing I would hope will change here at Grambling State University is how they disburse students their refund money. Grambling State University tends too all of a sudden charge student’s account for different things paid too the school without our knowledge/consent.