Talk Back: What do you think about Grambling and the SWAC playing spring football?

For the first time since 2019, Grambling’s beloved G-Men are preparing to hit the field.  They will open the season at home on Saturday, March 6 at noon at Eddie G. Robinson Memorial Stadium against Jackson State University.  

Last year SWAC announced fall football would shift to a spring season in light of Covid concerns. 

For months athletes, students, fans and staff have been anticipating the start of the most abnormal football season in history, and it’s just days away.

Many students are eager to obtain some sense of normalcy to college life while being safe and conscious of the ongoing pandemic. Some students seem to feel SWAC opening the season for spring football will do just that; bring some type of regularity or spirit back to college life.  

Students and staff members readily offered their opinion when asked:

“What do you think about Grambling and the SWAC playing spring football?”



Jonathan Green
Atlanta, GA

Kinesiology/ Sports Management
Assistant to Director of  Football Operations 

“We are glad to be back.  We still want to stay cautious because of Covid.  Coach Fobbs, Miss. V, our head trainer and all of the coaches are following protocols and doing what they can to keep us all safe.  We are tested for Covid three times a week.  They cancelled our first game for this Saturday.  We really thought it was going to be because of Covid, but it was due to damages to the Cotton Bowl Stadium from last week’s winter storm.  So now we are just getting ready for Jackson State.  It’s going to be a big game.”


Victoria Eggleston
Grand Prarie, Texas
Criminal Justice

“I think it’s really really great.  I’m very excited just to be back in the hole and to see our G-Men play.  I feel like it is very important during this time although we are still in a pandemic.  It’s like there’s so many challenges for people everywhere during this time.  I feel like bringing football, bringing the SWAC and everything back is just going to bring light to kind of a dark time.  It’s going to remind people of the positive moments and how the world was before Covid.  Maybe it will bring some joy or hopefulness to people that Covid will end”

Dwedee Kobbah
Charleston, West Virginia
Visual and Performing Arts

“I  think it’s very interesting because I didn’t think they would actually do it considering everything that is going on, but I think it’s needed.  There is no life on campus and football is something that really brings everybody together.  It just makes you feel like-there’s college, and if that is the one thing they can bring back, then cool! I’m excited about the band, the team, everything.  I think it’s definitely needed.”


Xavier White
Lafayette, LA
Engineering Technology

“I’m in the band.  So I’m thinking about us.  I definitely think it is a high risk and a huge amount of precaution should be taken.  Ultimately, for the whole vibe of SWAC, the whole atmosphere, I think it is healthy to see something going back to normal.”


Thomasana Williams
Ruston, LA
GSU Faculty Member

“As long as they are safe, I think everything will be fine.  I have been working the concession stand for the basketball games, and it has been going pretty well.  As long as fans are social distancing and the teams are following safety protocols everything will be fine.”