Students responding well to Caf renovations

Grambling St. University has devoted itself to creating the best experience for the students at the campus as well as the faculty who work here.

One of the biggest points of emphasis for the administration at Grambling to create a better experience for the students was to make a newly renovated Cafeteria with better options for the people that would be eating there.

To start this process, the Administration made the switch to SodexoMagic as the official provider of food for the dining hall and promised a newly renovated hall that keeps up with the contemporary times that we are living in.

This Process was just finished for the beginning of the spring semester of 2021 and students/ faculty are beginning to notice the difference in their dining hall experience. Faculty member/Baseball team videographer Devin Washington is one of the people that began to see the difference.

“The Caf looks so much more kept up and better on the eyes to look at,” Washington said after taking describing his first few experiences in the Caf. The new renovations are giving the eating experience there a better vibe. The new sitting areas as well as the different places to eat there are pleasurable considering that they weren’t there before.”
Washington said there is no comparison between the old and new Caf.

”It’s two different worlds at this point,” Washington said. “For starters the options back then were not nearly as diverse as they are now. Back then we were only given a few food options to choose from and now you can choose from ten different restaurant style stands. There also wasn’t nearly as much seating which was tough for me and the guys because we all just wanted to sit down and enjoy a meal together. Now you can eat and play games in the President's old lunch room, crazy to think that all these changes came in the span of three years.”

For Washington, one p-art of the Caf in particular sticks out.

“The game room. If the guys and I had this back in our days playing at Grambling we would’ve had a field day playing ping pong and arcade style games,” he said. “Will say the trash talk would’ve probably been too much for the general crowd to endure. All it takes is one 50-50 call on Ping Pong and you would have campus security kicking the entire baseball team out of the cafe for arguing and instigating.”

Washington only offered one suggestion for improvement.

I would probably like to see a few more healthy options. Yes the salads and such are good but ideally would like to see a bit more clean food options come from the stands. Don’t get me wrong though, the food they have right now is top notch and will leave any person satisfied.”

GSU President Rick Gallot cutting the ribbon on the Caf renovation.