Rising Tiger: Junior SGA member Aaliyah Mitchell

Aaliyah Mitchell did not think her success at Grambling would start so soon at Grambling State University.

Mitchell is a junior majoring in Computer Information Systems (CIS), a subject in which she tutors other students. 

In fall 2019 she was a fresh new student looking to make a great impact at GSU. She knew by getting her name out there for her peers to know her was to join organizations.

Mitchell joined the Student Government Association (SGA). 

“I joined SGA because of certain aspects they hold in school and also to be a part of something,” she said. “I wanted to make an impact by getting my name out there. I didn't expect to win a sitting position freshman year because I wasn't aware of many people. I felt that my sophomore year I would have better chances once I got my name out there through other organizations.”

She said the organization has had a very positive impact on her and her future.

“I have learned very valuable things while being a part of SGA,” she said. “It teaches you things in a business perspective, communication, written and verbal skills. You also learn how to deal with different people that have different backgrounds. Showing that you can work together with people while improving to have an impressive resume.”

To join the SGA you must be elected but also adhere to criteria including a 2.5 GPA, 0-29 credits, nominate yourself for a position, campaign in freshman areas only and attend SGA interest meetings. 

“You can only do dorm walk-throughs at certain times,” Mitchell said. “You must be in good standing with Grambling and registered before you can start the campaigning process. I was in the freshman dorm. It was easier to get people to vote for you. Due to Covid-19.”

Mitchell said she is happy to have had an impact with her peers in numerous ways.

“I am a very involved student with GSU but, due to Covid 19 I am limited to certain organizations,” she said. “This semester since needing more community service hours. I volunteered to freely help other students with CIS. I was a RA last semester but, due to covid 19 I am not this semester.”

Mitchell able to translate her on-campus success to the outside world. 

“I began my internship with the USAA which is a software program for IT starting my freshman year and I was allowed to join them even though the acceptance usually starts your sophomore year,” she said. 

Mitchell is passionate about the campus community and the opportunities she has been able to seize while at GSU. 

“I love Grambling,” she said. “I love that Grambling people are very friendly, so it’s not hard to make friends. Grambling has a lot of clubs and opportunities. What I really love about Grambling is that they are not going to give you the opportunity, so you will have to work for it.”

Aaliyah Mitchell