GSU students instrumental in creation of Tiger Resource Room

GSU has opened the Tiger Resource Room, which will be stocked with necessities for students.  

The resource room is the fruit of a student-led effort that resulted in the partnership of Whataburger and the Food Bank of Northeast Louisiana.

Carmel Reeves, the 2019-2020 Graduate Student Government Association President, and Steven Wilson, 2019-2020 SGA President, came together to launch a food pantry or food bank on campus.

Reeves and Wilson put together a plan which they delivered directly to CEO of Whataburger Ed Nelson.

“Could we go a little bit further with this and actually start a food pantry or food bank initiative- and make it a big deal for the student body that will be all inclusive and all access?” Wilson said in a Whataburger press release.

It took almost two years to develop and carry out the plans for producing a resource room to aid Grambling’s students.

“Then we got a call that said ‘we have Whataburger here that would like to join this initiative,’” Wilson said. “Once you guys got involved, the ball got rolling.”

SodexoMagic will also be included in the partnership, according to Whataburger.

“Grambling State University is committed to doing everything we can to help our students achieve success, and we’re grateful to our community partners like Whataburger and the Food Bank of Northeast Louisiana who are helping make this a reality for us,” GSU President Rick Gallot said in a statement. 

Whataburger said in a press relase it will be stocking the room with food items, toiletries and school supplies.

The resource room is student operated. It is located in the Tiger Express at 403 Main Street.