GSU student radio station provides students with many opportunities

When the average person thinks of a lab, they may visualize an environment in which scientists conduct experiments, doctors run tests or simply where professionals do important things.

However, at Grambling State University “The Lab” can be described as a vehicle on the road to success for students pursuing a degree in Mass Communications.

This student-run radio station specializes in giving members the skills they need to start their careers in radio or mass media with guidance from its founder Santoria Black. 

When sharing the benefits that The Lab holds, one student in particular credits it with opening up limitless opportunities.

“I am actually in my career right now, thanks to the most high and The Lab helped me get ready for it,” Kenitra McCrary said.

McCrary is a senior at GSU and is a Denver native. She works with Louisiana Small Business Development Center where she creates ads, brochures, and fliers for the company, just as she did for The Lab.

Since 2018, she has been an active member of the organization and has supported its development by helping organize events, host shows and create content whenever needed.

“I actually got started when one of my homegirls was hosting her own show, and I got introduced to some people who wanted me to make logos for them,” McCrary explains. “After that I was like what else can I do?”

The Lab is a hub for experiencing all that the audio production has to offer. This hands-on experience allows members to be multifaceted and develop skills that make them versatile, and an asset in their workplace. 

The Lab also helps students explore the broad variety of communication that would be a great fit for them while also giving a firsthand experience into that career. 

McCrary expressed that she was able to get the opportunity to feel what it was like to be in her desired career.

“My goal was to be a radio host. I accomplished that. I lived that,” she said. “I produced a show named Select Few. I’ve been a part of The West Coast Show and I hosted a show during ‘24 hours of The Lab’ in 2019 for Homecoming.”

Due to new Covid-19 regulations, a lot has changed within The Lab and many safety precautions have been put in order to keep students and staff safe during this time. 

Instead of feeling defeated, the circumstance pushed her to venture and utilize her skill for an upcoming project she has in the works. Even if she is not able to hop back on-air at GSU this semester, McCrary believes that she is prepared for wherever life takes her.

“Being in college prepares you for the social aspect of the real world, however The Lab helped me aim higher…I take that with me in anything and everything that I do now,” McCrary said.

“I encourage anyone to join and reach out the best that they can because the opportunities provided are limitless and fulfilling."
Those interested in joining The Lab should reach Santoria Black by email at