MARTIN: What Are the Best Christmas Gifts?

With Black Friday and Christmas being right around the corner, it is time for the world to start getting Christmas gifts together. For many people, gift shopping is not the easiest thing in the world. You have to get people gifts they like and want, and also keep in mind how much you plan on spending. I know some will need help picking the right gifts that family and friends will love, so I’m here to help guide to the best Christmas gifts.

First you have to understand who you are buying the gift or gifts for. You would hate to get a gift for someone and they do not like it. So I separated people into four groups based on their age. Everyone 12 and under count as the kids group. Everyone 13 to 19 count as the teenagers group. 20 to 30 counts as the young adults. Lastly, 30 and up count as the older adults.

The best gifts for the kids group is pretty simple. The go to for kids are things that they play with such as toys, bikes, MacBooks, and tablets. Kids that age want things that hold their attention and make times fun. They do not necessarily need bigger items because they can only do so much.

The best gifts for teenagers get a little complicated. Some teenagers are picky. They are in a growing stage and some items are not good gifts in their eyes. Teenagers in this age group look to improve fashion and follow trends. The best gifts for teenagers are items such as shoes, video games, and the newest phone.

The best gifts for young adults is a wide range. During this time in life, young adults are trying to settle into adulthood and find their niche. Young adults are also heavy into fashion. These traits make the list of gifts long and you cannot go wrong with small items. The list of large gifts also opens up. The best gifts for young adults are a car, clothes, and jewelry.

With older adults, this list kind of varies down. With older adults, they care more about needs, values, and are less into things like fashion most of the time. Older adults also love to have memories and relive the past in any shape or form. For example your grandmother would most likely love a collage of family photos because it’s about the values. The best gifts for older adults are memory books and new house items.

To be honest Christmas gifts are not limited to groups, but the best way to get great gifts forces you to be selective, and think hard about what a person would want. You would love to get someone a gift they can cherish. In my opinion, it is one of the best feelings in the world. Regardless of the gift, it is the thought that counts.

– De’Vante Martin is a sophomore mass communication major from St. Joseph, La.