McIntyre cherishes time spent in World-Famed Marching Band

As K’Lawerence McIntyre walks across the stage and picks up his diploma this fall he will do it knowing he took full advantage of his opportunity to march and play in the World-Famed Marching Band in his four years at Grambling.

McIntyre, 28, chose to attend Grambling State University because of the opportunity to be a part of the “World Famous Tiger Marching Band.”

“I’ve had the pleasure of marching for Grambling State University World Famous Tiger Marching Band for four years and now serving as an intern during my senior year,” McIntyre said. “I’ve traveled all across the United States with the band from Chicago, IL to Los Angeles, CA.”

The Ferriday-native who comes from a family of eight is a graduating senior in business management.

McIntyre said being a member of the band has helped him in a lot of ways.

“A few qualities marching band teaches you is dedication, hard work, respect and positivity,” McIntyre said. “Anyone who’s familiar with the Grambling band, knows how much work we put into practicing and ensuring we are show time ready. Being a part of the band teaches you how to work as a team, take constructive criticism, as well as multitask. All of which are qualities that most employers are seeking potential employees to exhibit.”

McIntyre first developed a love for music in elementary school.

“On the bus ride home after school, there were always band students who would play their instruments from the time we departed the school, until we reached the bus stop that they were to get off at,” McIntyre said. “Upon listening to them on several occasions, and even watching the band perform at high school football games, I decided to join the band.”

One of his most memorable experiences at GSU was performing during halftime for the Kansas City Chiefs, in Kansas City, MO.

“The thrill of marching into a stadium as packed as it was that day was exhilarating,” McIntyre said.

McIntyre said he will always cherish his time as a band member.

“Overall, I am grateful to be able to say that I was a part of the World Famous Tiger Marching Band,” he said. “The memories I’ve made, the people I’ve met, the places I’ve gone, will last within me a lifetime.”

K’Lawerence McIntyre