TAYLOR: How to work a 9- 5 while doing Real Estate

Most people who work a 9-5 job are typically not working their career job. Some people are, which is great but the typical college graduate is not working a 9-5 in their field. It is very frustrating and tough for college students or college graduates working a 9-5 especially if it's a job you typically don’t like. Most of the time college students or graduates are working the typical 9-5 is because they are trying to survive in the real world. Nowadays many people have their own business and work a 9-5 as well which is a great opportunity if you need more money.

I am a senior at Grambling State University, majoring in Mass Communication with interest in Marketing. I plan to graduate this Fall 2020. I have taken many Marketing, Management and Business courses over the 4 years I’ve been at Grambling. I took on these courses because I am going to pursue a career in Commercial Real Estate as well as Journalism. While being at Grambling I was able to obtain a 9-5 job here in Ruston, La. The 9-5 job is not a job in my field. While working this job for 8 months I found myself looking deeper into  Real Estate. I started attending virtual calls and training sessions about Real  Estate. There are so many different levels of Real Estate.

After doing my research and attending those virtual calls with Real Estate Agents, Recruiting Managers and more I began to email those recruiters questions and showing interest in doing real estate while still working my 9-5 and being enrolled as a full time student. I finally got an email back about how I can sell houses and still manage everything else I have going on. As a beginner things were hard because I was just starting off and trying to see how I will manage to keep my 9-5 job and do well in school. After doing more training, staying up late researching, and asking agents many questions I was able to sell my first house to a client. Even though I didn’t do it by myself I still helped the agent accomplish something. I felt good while doing it because Real Estate is something I want to do once I graduate.

I believe people should look into Real Estate Investing, training, and strategies because many people nowadays are working a 9-5 while doing real estate and getting paid for both. As a college student and soon to be a college graduate I don’t mind splitting the money between my agent because at the end of day I am still getting paid from real estate and my 9 to 5 job. This is also helping me gain experience once I graduate and get my potential job as a real estate agent. I started off attending virtual calls and researching. I believe it is a very quick way to receive money and investments working under a real estate agent.

– Yrrasha Taylor is a senior mass communication major from Batchelor, La.