Prof. Daryka Reeves on a new age of teaching

From morning lectures to zoom links, virtual meetings to mass emails, COVID19 has changed the entire dynamic of how many professors and students move throughout their school year. 

These past two semesters have been nothing short of unusual. Instead of physically showing up to class on time, students are asked to login into their zoom link minutes early. 

One professor who makes it her mission to implement the rules and regulations, regardless of the setting, is Mass Communications Prof. Daryka Reeves. 

“COVID-19 has impacted my teaching style by educating me on the student's familiarity with online learning platforms,” Reeves said. “Students are familiar with social media but, I've gathered that the online learning platforms are ‘new.’ I have conducted learning sessions with students to teach them how to use Canvas from accessing the system to posting work for review.”

Reeves seemed very determined and helpful to her students. She made the transition from in-class to online less difficult as possible. 

A lot of professors post work and expect you to complete it by the assigned date. This is nothing out of the norm, but there are professors like Reeves who go the extra mile to ensure her students fully understand the platforms in which they’re expected to turn in said material. 

Many of our current communication professors have been at Grambling for quite some time. Hence, they have experienced the school at times where technology wasn’t as advanced as it is now. 

Reeves if teaching virtually hurt or helped her students and she responded, 

“Virtual learning has helped my students to be better time managers,” she said. “They are more in tune with deadlines for assignments.”

Hopefully, many of our other professors have or will adapt a certain concept to instill within their students, such as Reeves have. During these trying times, it is imperative that the professors are making every effort they can to ensure their student success. 

Quicker email responses, more in depth explanations to problems, or even more ways to connect and put out information are all efforts to make this new way of school a vivid reality. 

In addition, the Fall 2020 commencement ceremony is upon us; and a lot of graduates are hesitant of entering the world post COVID19. 

To my students who are graduating during our new normal with COVID-19, I encourage you to remain aware of your goals,” Reeves said. “On the first day of class, my students must introduce themselves and indicate what they are doing five years after graduation. Now is that time. Keep your plans to achieve your goals. And, make sure to practice social distancing, wear your mask and just be careful. Focus on your new jobs, be a team player and go the extra mile.” 

Overall, COVID-19 has definitely introduced a new age of teaching. 

One that calls for your attention from any point in the world.

Dr. Daryka Reeves