New Director of Admissions Georgio Douglas off to a good start

The year 2020 has been filled with surprises, heartbreaks, new experiences and a completely new way of life. 

Given these new experiences, the Office of Admissions and Recruitment at Grambling State University has recently brought in a new Director of Admissions, Georgio Douglas. 

Douglas was promoted from Senior Admissions Counselor this past month and since then she’s made every effort to shift Grambling’s admissions office into a new direction.

“ I am extremely proud to be given the opportunity to lead a team of such great caliber, exceptional work ethic, and customer service,” Douglas said. “I stepped into the leadership role once the position of director became vacant, but it is an amazing feeling to actually have the opportunity to display my leadership skills in the official position as Director of Admissions.” 

In the past, the Office of Admissions has had directors who were equipped and ready for the job, and some who were too eager and not fully equipped for the job. Fortunately, Douglas has witnessed both sides of the spectrum. 

“I am an alum of GSU,” she said. “I have extensive experience in customer service and I have been a part of the Admissions team since November 2016. I started at the front desk as an Enrollment Specialist, worked hard to get to Admissions Counselor, and from Admissions Counselor, I was promoted to Senior Admissions Counselor. I have seen what works for the team and what did not work. I know the strengths and weaknesses of my team members and I just wanted to give them a sense of stability and consistency.”

Douglas said she intends to implement changes to the office. 

“I look forward to implementing more virtual recruiting opportunities, improving our day to day operations which will cause us to work smarter instead of harder, develop and strengthen relationships with other constituents, stakeholders, and alumni.” 

Douglas said Covid has been a challenge for the team. 

“The process is different when it comes to Covid-19,” she said. “We are not able to have face to face interactions with students and parents like we normally do and recruiting events are now virtual. Covid-19 has definitely challenged the Admissions Team to expand our thinking when it comes to new innovative ways for day to day operations, recruiting, and admissions processes, but we are definitely prepared for the challenge.” 

Douglas said she is fortunate for the opportunity.

Georgio Douglas