GSU’s Jasmine Allen has been an artist her entire life

Jasmine Allen

A picture is worth a thousand words, as the old saying goes. 

This statement could not be any more accurate for freshman Jasmine Allen. Art is something the Baton Rouge native has been doing her whole life. 

"I got into art at an early age, and it's something that I've been doing my whole life," Allen said. “I really couldn't pinpoint the exact time or age I started, but it's something that I've grown to love from the beginning.”  

For Allen, she sees art as a gateway to expressing her feelings.  

"Well, as for me personally, all in all, art is a way for me that I can put my feelings onto paper and thought processes into my work," Allen said. “Whenever I'm drawing a picture or my project, I like to be creative and just put titles on feelings along with the drawing."

She does have favorite pieces though. 

"My favorite piece that I've drawn is so far is the one I've recently posted on my social media accounts," Allen said. "So, I will have to say that's been my favorite piece so far out of everything that I have drawn."

From an education standpoint, the transition from high school to college can be a challenge for many, but Covid has not made things easier. 

“If I'm honest, the start of this semester has been stressful for me; it's a lot that I have to adjust to, Allen said. “Online classes have been a real eye-opener amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Still, in the midst of it, I'm enjoying my favorite class, which is Computer Science, which brings forth an engaging learning experience.” 

Aside from drawing, Allen’s skills are also displayed in playing a musical instrument. 

"I would have to say that I also enjoy playing the piano, aside from drawing," Allen said. “I have picked up this hobby over the last year. I am not the best player, but I am striving to become the best I can at playing the piano. Unfortunately, I couldn't bring it with me on campus, but the piano is something I enjoy doing besides drawing."

The family atmosphere at Grambling State University played a significant part in Allen deciding to attend GSU, over her hometown college Southern University. 

"As soon as I got on campus, it just felt like home to me," she said. “It just seemed a great campus to be on from the start, great environment plus I wanted to attend an HBCU. I've been around Southern my entire life being that the university is in my hometown. I wanted to stay in-state for college, so I started researching on GSU, and immediately I knew I had to come here, and it has been be the best choice for me."

After college, Allen plans to work some way in the computer industry. 

“What I am planning to pursue is a job in cybersecurity, I believe that is a career path I would enjoy,’’ Allen said. 

Allen's perfect way to unwind is by listening to music. 

"My favorite genre of music I love listening to is R&b," Allen said. My favorite artist in which music I enjoy is Ravyn Lenae her style of music style is something I enjoy listening to."

A sample of Allen's artwork.