After graduation…“What’s next?”

As the semester begins to wind down, grades are being finalized, and students are applying for graduation. Through the chaos, students are thinking “what’s next?” After the semester, students will be in the “Real World” and what they do now can prepare them for what is to come.

During this time, despite the circumstances, K’Lawerence McIntyre, graduating senior, is elated to be on the right path to graduation.

“Although I am disappointed that not all of my family, friends, and biggest supporters will be able to be physically present as I walk across the stage, I am excited that I was able to make it to the finish line,” McIntyre said.

At this point in his college career, he is faced with many overwhelming questions that other students may ask themselves as well. They don’t know what path they would like to take after they close this current chapter of their lives.

“Things that I am facing now: Finishing my last few class assignments, ensuring graduation clearance holds are satisfied, and overall facing the question everyone keeps asking, What next? I am undecided on my next move post-graduation. Do I want to pursue my masters? If so, Where? Do I want to move away from northern Louisiana? Do I want to continue with my current job and elevate ranks within the company? I’m currently at a crossroads within my life, and debating on what’s the next course to take that will yield the greatest reward and happiness for me,” he said.

College advisors should have already encouraged students to apply for jobs, attend job fairs, and/or reaching out to a previous internship to seek permanent employment.

Your institution has led you down the right path but now…

Stay Focused and On Track

It can be easy to become lazy and slack on assignments especially during this era of online classes and piles of assignments. Please stay focused and remember the big picture. The goal is to get your diploma and make a better life for yourself. Don’t let laziness get in the way of your goals and aspirations.

Also, become very acquainted with your advisor and continue to check-in. Students want to be sure that they are in the correct classes and on the right path to graduate. If there is a class that happened to be overlooked, be sure to sign up for it next semester. Sometimes, the class that is needed may not be offered during the semester you need it. If this happens, talk with your advisor about classes that can be substituted or possibly an approved independent study that can count toward your requirements. Advisors can help in so many ways, you just have to ask.


Stop Being Comfortable

By senior year, most people know their campus environment very well. Try new things, meet new people who will challenge and push you to succeed, or maybe accept a role in a campus organization. These experiences will help you to learn more about yourself and what you do/don’t like.

Also, when you need an extra elective to graduate, instead of opting for an easy class, choose something that could look good on your resume or something that could possibly assist you in your job field.


ENJOY Your Time

Last but not least, have fun! Make the most of your college experience and make memories that will last for a lifetime. Once you walk across that stage, you enter a new phase of life.