GSU student beats Covid

The word “death” has been plaguing the nation this year and imagine thinking you’re next. According to John Hopkins Resource Center, over 4 million people have recovered from Covid including GSU student Ashanti Tatum.

Tatum, a junior at Grambling State University, contracted the coronavirus earlier this year and has recovered from a disease that has killed almost a million people worldwide. 

“I was in denial at first because I was scared,” Tatum said. 

The first symptom that Tatum experienced was a headache that was so severe, no medication would alleviate the pain. 

After the headache, Tatum recalls experiencing a loss of taste and coughing up mucus.

The Center for Disease Control recommends people who test positive for the coronavirus to self quarantine for two weeks and that’s exactly what Tatum did. 

“Some medications I used were Tylenol, home remedies such as boiled orange peels, and lots of water and orange juice,” said Tatum. 

As time progressed, the symptoms subsided and Tatum was becoming her normal self.

Tatum contracted the coronavirus from her mother and was shocked that the virus had found its way to her home. 

“I contracted the virus from my mom,” said Tatum. 

Fear did overcome Tatum because of hearing about reported cases in her hometown and knowing people who had died from the virus, she thought the absolute worst for her and her household. “My mom told me to not be afraid and that no virus was going to take us away,” said Tatum.

Although Tatum did experience being infected with the coronavirus, it has not slowed her down in her daily activities as a college student. She still manages to complete her assignments and work part time at a restaurant. 

“Wear your masks,” Tatum said. “You can still take care of yourself and catch this deadly virus. Don’t let it be one of your own family members for you to realize that this virus is real.”