Going from on-campus to online

Some students have returned to Grambling State University for fall semester while others are home completing their assignments online. 

Without a doubt Covid has ruined some students' hope for returning to school this semester and although some are down about it, some are choosing to not let it stop them.

Shakira Whigham, a student at Grambling State University is taking classes 100% online this semester and is making sure she finishes the semester strong. 

“I’m somewhat adjusting fine. There are things I’m still getting used to,” said Whigham. Although Whigham is taking classes online this semester, she still has to fulfill her duties as an alto singer for the Grambling State University Concert Choir and a member of Order of Beauties Sorority. 

“Doing Zoom conferences and all that really helps without having to be there in person,” said Whigham.

Some students find the COVID-19 pandemic to be a hindrance this academic year, however Whigham finds the experience to be a hindrance and beneficial. 

“I’ve found it both beneficial and a hindrance,” said Whigham. “It’s beneficial in a way that I’m able to save and make money while in a pandemic, but it’s a hindrance because of the difficulties with online classes.” 

Students who are taking classes online this semester have noticed a reduction in their tuition. Students do not have to pay for housing, meal plan, and other university fees this semester if they are completing classes online. 

As a result of this, some students like Shakira are planning on taking classes online in Spring 2021 if the pandemic persists. 

Even though Whigham finds the experience to be beneficial, there are also struggles she faces with online classes. 

“Some struggles I’ve faced are having to teach myself all the material because the professors aren’t doing their jobs right, having to get a laptop, steady internet connection, and not knowing what’s going on in some classes because the teachers aren’t tech savvy,” said Whigham. 

Many students have said lack of knowledge about technology on behalf of some faculty members hinders their ability to properly complete assignments or learn new materials. 

Whigham encourages students this semester to stay focused and on top of their assignments because of the distractions some may face from being home instead of on campus this semester.