What would you like the successful candidate for the 5th Congressional District to do for Grambling?

Martin Lemelle, Jr., Grambling State University's Executive Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer, is among the field to replace outgoing U.S. Rep. Ralph Abraham (R-La.).

If no one receives at more than 50 percent of the vote in the Nov. 3 elction the top two vote getters will proceed to a Dec. 5 election.

See the full candidate list below:

• Candy Christophe (D)
• Jesse Lagarde (D)
• Martin Lemelle (D)
• Phillip Snowden (D)
• Allen Guillory Sr. (R)
• Lance Harris (R)
• Matt Hasty (R)
• Luke Letlow (R)
• Randall Scott Robinson (R)

What would you like the successful candidate for the 5th Congressional District to do for Grambling?

Ashley Dabney


Grambling, La

“I would like for the successful congressional candidate to be inclusive with our community needs. Provide meals to families when school is out and work on free broadband internet for virtual learning.” 


Harvey Williams Sr.

Grambling, La

“I would like to see a successful candidate bring more money into Grambling as a whole from the university to the community, a successful candidate should also look into bringing a recreational facility to Grambling for the children in the community, another thing is to inform people on why it’s important to vote and persuade people to vote as well.”


Tyrielle Williams


Grambling, La


“I would love to see a successful candidate actually provide and build up Grambling as a community. Grambling isn’t a big community but people should still provide things for the people here. A successful candidate should stay consistent with the community and their needs to make sure everything is always taken care of.”


Chris Willis

Ruston, La

“The successful candidate should create laws that put more responsibility and a accountability on the guardians for the welfare of their children, provide better and more resources for the youth and teens in Ruston for an example places to go and things to do that are free or affordable, and another thing I would like to see a successful candidate do is protect women’s rights and advocate for women.”

Cameron Jackson

Grambling, La



Personally, I would love to see a US Congress Representative that capitalizes on the idea that “You Matter”. Given the current state of The United States, we need someone who will speak with clarity to help address sensitive topics of health, protective means (such as the second amendment) and advocation for racial injustices.

Many have been denied “The American Dream” and we need someone in Congress who is going to let their voice be heard and fight on behalf of The People in order to achieve this Dream. While on the topic of denial, we also have to make sure we achieve Equality and not just Equity. July 4th, 1776 in fact told the people that "all men are created equal". So, it should be just that. Equal pay for our strong, educated and courageous women of today’s world; fair treatment and understanding of diversity and inclusion; and highlighting the concepts of a “Good Samaritan”.

Speaking on foundational terms of Louisiana, even more specific is the 5th district, would be focusing in on the things that are neglected that are holding us back from excelling. Technical issues such as more bandwidth in internet services, exposing the means of achieving opportunities, really concentrating on health measures concerning this pandemic, addressing student loans debts, identifying why we might be one of the lesser financial bound states then laying a plan to truly get funds running, and becoming more transparent with HBCU’s . But most of all and important is honesty. That’s what we need in a Congress Leader.

We have the power to make that choice of our next US Congress Leader on November 3rd, 2020.