Martin Lemelle hopeful as election day approaches

As this year's election comes to an end Tuesday Nov. 3, 5th Congressional District Candidate Martin Lemelle is feeling confident. 

“This has been an election of a lifetime,” he said. 

Lemelle said he hopes to win the election so he may protect Louisiana and America's future. 

“I am excited for the opportunities I am going to bring to the community. I am glad this election was still able to still embark so that I can engage with people in my district,” Lemelle said. 

This was such a tragic year but Lemelle was still able to do his job as running for Congress. 

An alum of GSU, Lemelle currently serves as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at GSU. 

Lemelle has big plans for the Grambling community.

Lemelle was a supporter of the takeover of Legends Market.

The grocery store recently held a grand re-opening under new ownership 

Brookshires, the new owner, not only invested the Grambling community and but the university as well. Brookshires announced they were funding scholarships at Grambling State University. 

Lemelle said it is great to see the resources and support in the community

If no one receives at more than 50 percent of the vote in the Nov. 3 elction for the 5th Congressional District the top two vote getters will proceed to a Dec. 5 election.