Turning Covid from a curse to a blessing

 In March 2020 the coronavirus practically took over the world shutting down schools, several non-essential businesses and government agencies that are usually open to the public.

Many were at a loss of what to do with all of this free time they suddenly had.
Not senior Ian Robinson. 

Robinson used his Covid quarantine time to boost his GPA and focus on his studies, leading him to becoming a graduating senior for the fall 2020 class of Grambling State University. 

When quarantine orders were set into place, that is when Robinson knew this was the perfect opportunity to concentrate intensely on completing his bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication.  

“(I )think of this pandemic as a blessing in disguise.  I’ve been able to focus on my education due to everyone being quarantined.  I thought that I might fall behind because of the assigned coursework, and worried about there not possibly being a graduation ceremony in the fall”, said Robinson. 

While many have suffered with the pandemic leaving them jobless, homeless and many have lost friends or family members it is nice to see somewhat of a bright side the pandemic has brought to some people.  

Initially, Robinson was a bit worried, as were most people.  

The entire world began battling the unknown at the first signs of the outbreak reaching the United States. Although Covid shook the world, Robinson remained still and even more determined.  He landed an internship at the Ouachita Citizen, a printing press company operating in Monroe; and will complete the required hours before graduation in November.

If dealing with the pandemic and trying to adjust to new normals was not enough, Hurricane Laura made her appearance and became quite the distraction. 

Again, this did not stop Robinson from being devoted to his work and mindful that there is light at the end of this tunnel.

“(I)’m always worried anytime there is a hurricane, but I just pray that it is never as catastrophic as Hurricane Katrina,” Robinson said.

Dreaming of becoming a journalist since a child, Robinson is dedicated to staying on track and not allowing the circumstances of Covid-19 nor the distractions of repeated hurricanes in the region get in his way. 

Despite all obstacles, November is near, and Robinson will meet and greet the month of Thanksgiving with a smile, ready to graduate and thankful for the opportunity to become more focused on his future.