Talk back: ‘How do you feel about the Bayou Classic venue being relocated from New Orleans to Shreveport in the spring?’

For many years the month of Thanksgiving has set in motion a different type of vibe.  

A vibe only a Grambling Tiger or a Southern Jaguar will know about.

Every year when November rolls around, it is clear that not only is it Thanksgiving, but it is Bayou Classic time for many of us.

Earlier this fall, the SWAC Conference announced it will be suspending all fall sport competitions due to Covid concerns. The season will be picked up in the spring of 2021.

For the first time in 46 years students, student-athletes, faculty/staff, alumni and fans for both teams will not gather to celebrate its traditional game in the fall.

Not only will there be no Bayou Classic this year, but when the game is set to be played in the spring the event will be relocated to Shreveport instead of New Orleans due to renovations to the SuperDome.

Since 1974, the annual game between Grambling and Southern has been played in New Orleans, with the exception of the year 2005 due to Hurricane Katrina.  That year the game was played in Houston as the Grambling Tigers defeated the Southern Jaguars 50-35. 

Although this game has been played between the two teams since 1932, it was traditionally stamped as Bayou Classic in 1974, with plans to hold events in NOLA annually.

Students readily offered their opinion when asked:

“How do you feel about the Bayou Classic venue being relocated from New Orleans to Shreveport in the spring?”  


Keith Shaw


Child Development

“I was Born and Raised here in the state of Louisiana. I grew up going to the Bayou Classic every year in New Orleans. In a way I do feel like it’s Weird that it moved to Shreveport. But at the same time I’m excited because I’m from North Louisiana so this is definitely something New and Fun to see and I WILL BE THERE.”

Alexis J. Brown


Mass Communication

“I’m all about tradition but I think that having the Bayou Classic in Shreveport is better than having no Bayou Classic at all. I’m from Shreveport and I think it’s a good opportunity to bring some revenue and attraction to the city. I wasn’t planning on attending though because I don’t think that the Independence Stadium is going to be able to accommodate the amount of people that want to attend the game. But in spite of the circumstances on hand I think the stadium will be packed out with fans.”


Renee Dunaway


Management and Marketing

“With this being my graduating senior year I was looking forward to going to the bayou classic this year for the first time ever. I was very disappointed to hear that it would be held in Shreveport. I thought it should have been in Baton Rouge or somewhere down south to still keep the tradition even though New Orleans was not an option this year. I have no plans on attending the classic in Shreveport.”

Ian Montaj Robinson


Mass Communication

“Even though I am disappointed that the Bayou Classic will not be in New Orleans this year, I am relieved that it’ll at least be in a neighboring town.”


Brittany Newton

Graduate Student

Criminal Justice

“I was planning on going but I don’t think I will this year because of its location. It may be less expensive but I think it will be more of a hassle.”