Talk Back: How do you feel about the no visitation rule on GSU’s campus?

How do you feel about the no visitation rule on GSU’s campus?

Da’Lond Millbrooks 



“I feel like there should be a certain amount of visitors depending on the size of the dorm that the person or people is visiting.” 


Stephen Bates 


Engineering Major 

“The visitation rules are fair and I like how Grambling is caring for our safety as much as getting us a degree and most importantly trying to make it fun as well through FSUB having different events.” 


Michelle Johnson


Nursing Major

“The no visitation rule restricts the minimal interactions we’re already experiencing. As long as we wear masks, maintain distance, and have 1-2 visitors, I believe a healthy and safe environment is definitely possible.”


Tariq Craft 


Psychology Major

"I believe the visitation rules on campus need to be looked at. The pandemic situation caused a lot HBCU’s to panic, so the restrictions are understandable. However, on the students’ perspective of campus life during COVID-19, the rules are unfair and difficult to follow. Some students might be entrepreneurs and need the space to grow a successful brand. Others may have extraneous situations. It’s the faculties job to take care of students, we’re just here to go to school."


Yolantae Dillon 


Criminal Justice Major

"I feel like honestly college students are going to  do what they want to do anyway. Plus, we meet outside so what is the difference in meeting inside? I do understand the safety procedures, but that’s one that doesn’t make sense. Plus, the rooms where people have roommates. You never know who they meet up with in a day.”

*Compiled by Allen Sandifer.