Campus voter registration effort underway

There was a time all too recently where the Black community in the south was blocked from voting, now is the chance for those who can vote to take advantage of that ability. 

With elections coming up, the Grambling community is doing its best to get students registered to vote. 

Over the past few weeks, organizations on Grambling’s campus have been promoting voter registration. 

SGA, Alpha Phi Alpha, UAAM (United Afrikan American Men Inc) and more, are working together to help students to be registered. 

Tisha Arnold, Director of Communications, feels GSU’s student organizations are doing a good job at promoting and inspiring the student to register to vote. 

“I’m glad the students at Grambling State University took the initiative to educate others about their right to vote,” Arnold told The Gramblinite.  

Arnold’s hope is that the university’s “campaign raised awareness among college students, showing them their voice is valuable and has weight in governmental affairs.” 

In other words, every vote matters, especially when it comes to expressing how voters feel about elected officials. 

“It is imperative that all American citizens, especially those of color, exercise that right,” Arnold said. 

Online voting in Louisiana ends on Oct. 16.