Office of Admissions getting the job done virtually

From the conference room to his living room, COVID 19 has starkly affected the ins and outs of admission recruiter Cecil Holt’s role at Grambling State University’s Office of Admission and Recruitment.

Efforts by Holt and other staff members of the Office of Admissions efforts have paid off as Grambling recently saw its sixth straight year of enrollment increases.

He said despite COVID 19  the Office of Admission and Recruitment is still welcoming incoming freshmen, conducting campus tours, college expos and other related events, they have just changed the way they work.

“With the unforeseen challenges during this academic year, the office of admissions along with the university as a whole have made the necessary preparations for students and prospective students to still choose Grambling State University as their institution of higher learning,” Holt said. “With our application already being online prospective students still have the opportunity to apply to the university, we have a virtual tour online for viewers to observe and we are still on the recruiting trail participating in the various virtual fairs throughout the country.” 

Holt is a two-time graduate from Grambling. He earned a master degree in sports administration in spring 2020 and a bachelor degree in business management in fall 2017. 

He became an admissions recruiter in November 2018, and has since helped hundreds of prospective students pursue their need for higher learning. 

Holt is extremely confident that the Office of Admission has everything handled from all prospective student emails and phone calls to ensuring transcripts are received and sent and virtual fairs are carried out. 

Working virtually versus face to face has not slowed the Office of Admission whose staff members have continued their efforts to recruit students, coordinate tours and construct events for potential students.

“I think it’s all about making the best of the current work state and this strictly virtual setup does present a lot of advancements by allowing us to reach areas that we haven’t in the past,” Holt said. “So I wouldn’t say that it’s more difficult.” 

High School Day is the largest event for the Office of Admissions.

Students and families come from all parts of the country to tour the school, get information on their respected major, and attend an athletic event.

However, this isn’t a normal semester.

“We’re actually in the process of planning virtual High School Day which will allow us to have more than one during the Fall and Spring Semester,” Holt said. 

This opens the event to almost everyone around the country and gives a more safe solution due to COVID 19.

Holt is living proof that no matter the circumstance GSU’s Office of Admission and Recruitment is continuing to serve the community.