Knighten to open new laundromat in Grambling

Grambling residents should be on the watch for the grand opening of a new laundromat in the coming weeks.

Daphne Gallot-Knighten, a local entrepreneur and Grambling alum, saw a need for a laundromat in the community and decided it was a project she was not afraid to take on.

Not long ago Knighten found herself seeking a laundromat capable of capacitating larger fabrics such as comforters, mattress pads, etc., only to find one in the nearest town, Ruston.

She thought “Why should I have to go to Ruston to wash her heavy duty loads?”
As the clothes spun round and round, it was at that moment she had decided Grambling needed a laundromat and she was going to be the one to give it to them.

“There are no laundromats in this area,” Knighten said. “People are always washing, so – to start – I purchased three frontload washers and three dryers.”

Knighten is no stranger to generating bright ideas and executing on those plans just as she imagined.

In fact, she owns The House of Coffee located at 2076 MLK Drive in Grambling, just down the street from Dollar General.

The House of Coffee is also where Knighten conducts her business as a Mary Kay consultant, selling the finest of skin care and makeup products. Although the Coronavirus pandemic shut the doors of the coffee shop from March 12 to June 15, Knighten never stopped brainstorming about income ideas.

Just as the coffee shop was once just an idea Knighten turned into a reality, she anticipates the laundromat to be a success as well.

“I’d paid off the loan for the coffee shop and decided it was time for another investment,” Knighten said. “Many people are afraid to take the leap. They are afraid of what people may say, rejection, money, or just simply failing. Money doesn't keep me up at night. You have to have a hustle mindset and I’m not afraid of the hustle.”

The laundromat will be located on MLK drive behind The House of Coffee.

Customers will be able to wash a few loads, have a cup of coffee, or two, and maybe find a new skin care regime just for you, all within close proximity.
It is clear Knighten is not afraid of the hustle, in addition to her entrepreneurial pursuits she is a supervisor for the United States Census where she manages a staff of 14.

Knighten’s family has a long history of serving the Grambling community and attending the university. Her mother, Mildred Gallot was a member of the Grambling State University’s faculty for forty years serving as a history teacher, and head of the history department during her tenure. Reigning GSU President, Rick Gallot is her brother.

Knighten said she is excited to bring something new to the community that many residents will be able to utilize, including herself. While the official grand opening for the new laundromat has yet to be announced, Knighten encourages the community to stop in, grab a cup of coffee or two and check out her line of Mary Kay products in the meantime.