MARTIN: 2020: The Worst Year of the 21st Century

 The year 2020 has already been the worst year of the 21st century. 

It has been a year filled with bad news from all different angles. 

Whether it has been death, the pandemic, government, or racial injustice bad news has found a way into America. 

January sent shock waves into the homes of everyone when the legend Kobe Bryant tragically passed away in Calabasas. His accident hurt many hearts around the world as his daughter Gianna and seven others also passed in the incident. Bryant’s legacy on and off the court was so great and he impacted so many lives. To many, the news did not seem real when it was first reported by TMZ.

Almost two months later, America was introduced to a whole new beast when it experienced the outbreak of coronavirus. The outbreak started a pandemic and forced a shutdown of the entire country. No one had no idea of the symptoms of the virus or how it even ended up in the country. Many did not know of COVID-19 at all. People have lost lives, jobs, events were cancelled, schools were shutdown. The safety of billions of people was at jeopardy not only here but in other countries. Now almost half a year later, no cure for the virus has been found. Social distancing has been a staple for outside life since the pandemic hit.

The results of the pandemic have been crazy to say the least. The pandemic has exposed the failures of our government and social system. The unemployment rate has shot through the roof. It is the highest it has been since the last depression.  It has forced the government to figure out how to assist the people that have lost their jobs to the pandemic. They issued the first set of stimulus checks and aid to Americans months ago and it ended in late July. Since then, Democrats and Republicans have not been able to agree on what should be the next benefits given out. The pandemic revealed the failures of the government to come together to agree on one common thing. In result, many unemployed families have suffered.

Two months after the pandemic struck, police brutality and racial injustice came to the forefront once again. It has always been an issue in America, but this year led to an uproar. 

On May 25, 2020, George Floyd was arrested and died due to a white police officer, pressing his knee to Floyd’s neck for over eight minutes. This incident led to many riots and protests all over the country. Many people were fed up with the excessive force used by officers when there was no need. This incident was recorded and brought to social media so that everyone could see. This incident also made blacks stand up and mention all the other blacks that have lost their lives to police brutality and racial injustice.

2020 has been the worst year of the 21st century by far. 

The combination of bad news and events that have taken place surpasses all the other years. The combination of deaths, the pandemic, government issues, and racial injustice has made it the worst year. 

To top it off, this year is not even over yet.