RUSSELL: Sports are back

This pandemic has made it very difficult for many sports writers such as myself to find interesting topics to talk about in the sports world. It has me questioning myself as to, “what should I write about”?
Although sports had been postponed for a few months now, professional sports have begun to reopen under some new guidelines. The National Basketball Association has started back up play in Orlando at the Walt Disney World Resort.
When this idea was first introduced it was believed by many experts that this would be an automatic fail.
Questions surfaced the air, to the conditions whether having hundreds of people being locked in to this bubble where there is a worldwide pandemic going on outside of the bubble.
How could this be a safe environment for the players?
Why not just wait?
Would the NBA lose money due to the fact of there being no fans?
Each of these questions have been answered throughout the success of the bubble.
The players not only get tested regularly for the virus, but there have been zero positive cases for three plus weeks now. The NBA players have committed themselves to making sure everyone stays safe by not exiting the bubble and putting others in harm's way. P
The playoffs remain very exciting.
With sports being back it almost makes things feel a little normal during these unforeseen times.
Covid-19 has definitely taught us not to take things for granted and just be thankful for the little things such as just waking up and going outside freely.  
On the other hand, the WNBA has also started up as well in its own bubble. The bubble is located in Bradenton, Fla. T
he recurring theme of women not being treated as equal to men shows.
The games aren't televised as much as the NBA and don't get the same luxurious treatment the men do. The league has had problems with the housing while staying in the hotels such as bed bugs and exposure of Covid-19. It is the year of 2020 and we still treat women as inferior to men. It must come to an end. Although the low ratings, and unjust treatments they have received I believe it is also good to see them back playing in a safe environment with their season on the line.
 Sports itself being back is a huge plus to our world just having some kind of hope and joy through this tough time.
The future of sports as we know it right now is very uncertain in the near future.
The pandemic has made it very difficult for professional athletes to enjoy there job with everything being contact sports of some fashion.
Many sports are considering giving the term, "the bubble", a chance but there is a ton of uncertainty about when this virus will be gone or contained.
We hope to have sports, fans, and commentators around in all arenas so we can have the sports back as we once knew it.
Mask up and remain safe.