Williams: COVID-19 has had a negative impact on my life

Almost a month ago, I was tested for COVID-19. 

I’m negative. 

I had pneumonia instead. 

It was the scariest experience during the pandemic. 

I was isolated in the beginning before my results came back. 

I was continually isolated from my family, they couldn’t come in to see me. 

My spouse could only go so far in the hospital to do something as simple has fill out my paperwork because I physically couldn’t. I thank God everyday that I overcame that and that I didn’t have COVID-19. I’m required to wear a mask everyday, no matter where.
Schools and universities have shut down and now classes are online which is difficult for me. Between helping my son and continuing my job online, schooling is quite complicated. I’ve found it easy to get quite behind with school work. 

However that’s not the main issue from the COVID-19. 

Physically being out of work is actually the hardest thing for me. Knowing the majority of my co-workers won’t be getting paid. It bothers me so much. I understand it’s a global crisis going on, but unfortunately, bills still come through. 

Fortunately companies like AT&T, Xfinfty, and Suddenlink aren’t going to disconnect services knowing people have lost their job or are on furlough. Those companies have compassion and understanding for those who are out of work, but sadly there are some who don’t.
As far as family time, that’s everyday. 

My son feels like it’s his summer vacation. After his school work, he continues to play “Call of Duty” for another 8-10 hours a day and I don’t stop him. He makes wonderful grades in school, he’s respectful and he’s just a good kid overall. I love my baby. 

I check on my mom and grandparents every single day. My mom could pretty much handle her own when it comes to health. My grandparents on the other hand, they’re on their 70s with health problems that could be very affective. Honestly, I worry about them, I don’t want anything to happen to them right now. Between me, my husband, my mother, and my other family members, they never have to leave the house. My grandfather was in the military, he feels he’s trained for this pandemic, which may be true, however he’s elderly. He doesn’t listen to anybody but himself. 

We laugh every time he says that. He doesn’t want to admit he’s not a spring chicken anymore.

Overall, my experience with COVID-19 hasn’t been great at all but we as a nation will surpass it. I know people who has died from this. 

I couldn’t go to a funeral, only five people can be there including the undertaker and the officiant. 

I believe it’s going to take more than we know to officially pass this pandemic.
– Brianna Williams is a senior Mass Communication major.