Talk Back: How do you feel about the new housing assignments?

Kennedi Kirklin- Alexandria, LA Biology


It’s cool but I think that since enrollment is increasing every year that there needs to be more housing. Also, there needs to be a way to register for housing and select rooms.

Kyriah Alex- Shreveport, LA Biology

I think there should be more housing too. I also think there needs to be some type of improvement in regards to the actual room selection process because every year the system gets crashed as soon as it’s opened ( I know that’s due to a lot of people signing on and selecting but it’s still an inconvenience) and some people still don’t have the desired room assignments or anything because of it and have to wait until later.

Carianna Shelvin-
Houston, TX
Computer Information Science Junior

We need to up the website broadband when that time comes around and we need more on campus housing as well. The website opening to all at the SAME TIME should be a thing instead of students being able to fill out their housing at 8:55.

Tatum Howard- Houston, TX Criminal Justice Junior

I just wanted to be back in Steeples.

Taeko Tucker-
Los Angeles, CA Psychology and Sociology

I don’t mind the change although I won’t be here to experience.