How to Stay Productive in the Quarantine


During this time of national chaos, confusion and confinement, it is very easy to begin to get comfortable with doing absolutely nothing. Since you are basically confined to the comfort of your own homes, any type of work is probably the last thing on people’s minds. It is not hard to fall into a cycle of binge watching television and eating junk food.

Here are a couple of tips on how to be productive during the quarantine:

  1. Create a schedule. This quarantine period has thrown a curve into nearly everyone’s daily routine. It will help to stay productive if you keep yourself on some type of schedule to keep yourself flowing.

  2. Have a certain space in which you work. This space will be where you do all of your work and planning. It’ll be easier to stay focused, get things done and stay out of the way of other members of the household.

  3. Get dressed. I know that being stuck in the house for weeks causes people to stay in their sweatpants longer than usual. Getting up and getting dressed will help to get out of a lazy cycle.

  4. Make time for fun. Although the quarantine has put on limits on activities available. Get creative! Creating a healthy work/fun balance during this time is key to keep from burning out.