GSU Students Celebrating Easter At Home

This past weekend everyone from across the nation and the world were celebrating Easter. Unlike the past several years where people were traditionally going to church or searching for Easter eggs, students at Grambling State University are celebrating either within their own homes or dorms. This adjustment is made due to the pandemic of COVID-19. 

GSU Senior Jalissa Purnell, a native of Chicago, Illinois, shared her thoughts as to how she adapted in celebrating Easter in her home. “Honestly, I did not  expect to go home,” Purnell said. “I was just going to stay on campus, and go to the church I usually go to in Jonesburg, Louisiana. If I was at home I would have gone to church with my mom and my little sister.” Purnell said. “This year I stayed in Ruston, Louisiana with my boyfriend, and we just watched a sermon on TV. "

GSU Sophomore Dwedee Kobbah,  native of Charleston, West Virginia, also shared her current experience adapting to the changes along with what she and her family did to celebrate Easter at home.  “Usually around this timeframe, it is Spring Break for us,” Kobbah said. “ I have family in Louisiana, so we usually go back to Louisiana to spend time with family there, go to church, and congregate together as a family. This year we still kept it traditional, just within the comfort of our home.”

With it being nearly a month since the evacuation from campus, many of the students have already speculated the length of this mandated social distancing. Some say that it will end in the summer, while others say it will last for more than a year. “I will give it until the end of the summer,” Kobbah said. “ Or whenever they find a vaccine. I feel like as far as getting things back together again, things will never be normal. It is going to take the world a while just not get hypersensitive over everything.”

 Today CNN posted 39 of President Trump's most outrageous remarks towards the issues with the coronavirus. One of those statements being that "We did the right thing. Everything we did was right." Many students believe that Trump is not doing a great job in reassuring Americans during this pandemic  as he is not doing enough to inform the public about his administration’s plan to combat it.

“It will probably go on longer than we expect it to go on,” Purnell said. “Simply because  I believe that the Coronavirus is a cover up for what the government is implementing, which is the 5G radiation. They are just trying to come up with vaccines that are supposed to ‘help us’ overcome the coronavirus when it is stuff that is just going to weaken our immune system even more with the 5G radiation.”