COVID-19 infecting spring fashion

For many students, the everyday norm of dressing up and getting out of the house has changed. Due to COVID-19,  students are finishing their spring semester online, and are recommended to social distance until everything dies down. 

The springtime is when many students bring out their bright colors and creativity within their fashion sense. With the thoughts of having more time Madison Thomas, a junior business management major from Memphis, Tennessee expressed how this change has affected her. 

“I used to dress up a lot more, but then I joined the bowling team, and we stayed on the road for competitions. So, I slacked off, but I definitely wish I’d dressed up a little more this semester.”

 Now that the quarantine has been extended to April 30th many students are looking forward to dressing up on their first day out. Being home bound gives people plenty of time to think about various outfit options.

 “My wardrobe has completely changed for online classes. I have nowhere to be, and no one to see, so there is no point in me dressing up just for me. I usually just have on comfy bottoms, my bonnet and a t- shirt,” expressed Thomas. With being featured previously on “fashion geeks of the week” for her eye catching style, this is a total opposite for the fashionista.

The day party scene was shortly arriving on the campus of Grambling State University. The cold rainy weather was just beginning to fade once this epidemic started. The season of color, style and skin was getting ready to break through.

“I really miss all of the ways people dressed on campus in the spring. The day party vibes are something I always look forward to, hopefully this virus spree ends soon so we can enjoy our summer”, says Thomas. 

Although the in school term was cut, many students continue to find reasons to dress up doing in-home and outdoor photoshoots, and Tik Tok videos. 

This in-home quarantine phase is sure to cause a fashion boost once it is all over.