COVID-19 cancels remainder of the spring semester

On Friday, March 13, Grambling State University and many other Universities closed their campus’ in response to the rapid spread of the coronavirus. In efforts to limit groups social gathering, the University reverted to online classes that began March 23 and will last for the remainder of the semester. 

In addition to the switch to online classes, students were urged to move back home to continue their class work remotely. 

Shariss Goodley, a sophomore marketing major stated, “I was not worried about the virus to be honest. I had seen the news, but I never thought it would come to this. The University closing was the last thing I thought would happen.” 

With such short notice, students believed the school was not equipped for online teaching and that some professors would not be able to understand how to operate canvas. Also, students did not have access to the resources needed to complete online coursework. 

“I do not own a printer, laptop, or a desktop computer. I am nearly limited to using my phone to complete my coursework. I also have a hands on class and I am not sure how that will workout. Most of my professors have never even used canvas. I suppose it is times like this where the lab and library is needed,” Goodley continued. 

Since campus closures have happened nationwide, individual state governors have called for businesses such as restaurants, bars, and gyms to shut their doors until April 13. Shortly after, the closure of non-essential business followed as covid-19 cases and deaths increased. 

With jobs closing and most of the nation’s schools, people are being urged to stay home and social distance as much as possible. 

“I hate it. Most of my friends are not from Louisiana and saying goodbye to them with the best part of the semester coming up was sad. I also had a work study which was paying the few bills that I have, and I am not sure what will happen with that. Honestly, I am in no way prepared for whatever is going to happen in the coming months. People being laid off left to right so fast is scaring me,” said Goodley. 

Some governors have called for evictions to be put off during this time since many people are out of work but many housing companies will collect the payments for the 1st. 

Goodley continued, “I do not pay rent, but I do not  think anyone should be collecting rent at this time or at least not in its entirety. I feel like many college students are out of jobs right now because they work in the server business. I know some housing places are not evicting, but many have late fee policies that charge by the day and days go by quickly.” 

With the rapid spread of the virus and cases rapidly increasing by the hundreds, states with high numbers are resorting to mandatory lockdowns. 

“Being home in the middle of the semester, especially since all the fun activities were coming up, is not ideal. It’s boring. All of my days feel the same because there is not much I can do,” Goodley said. 

“At this point, I feel as if everyone is being affected by this in some way. Whether it is struggling with online classes, being out of work, or even being exposed to the virus. I just hope this all blows over in the next couple months or so. I do not want to spend my summer in quarantine.”