Tik Tok Madness

Tik Tok seems to be taking over on all social media sites as the world copes with self quarantining due to the covid-19. 

With more free time on their hands than usual, people all

over the world have been taking the time to learn and teach

new dance challenges. While also freely promoting people’s



Tik Tok started to grow expeditiously with the famous

‘renegade challenge’ created by 14-year-old Jalaiah 

Harmon. “At first, Tik Tok didn’t seem that interesting to me I

felt like it was something little kids really enjoyed, but then it

started to grow on me,” says Kairi Burke a 

junior chemistry major from Houston, Texas. 


The challenge stirred up controversy on the topic of race due

to a young caucasian female gaining more fame initially

from the dance than Jalaiah. K-Camp, the artist of the song, 

quickly came to Jalaiah’s defense inviting her to do the 

challenge with him which then landed her on the Ellen 

Show and a performance at an NBA all-star game. 


As the challenges continue to grow during this pandemic,

people are using Tik Tok as a bonding tool. “I really like the 

challenges I see on my timeline. Some are very repetitive, 

but I like seeing people bond with their families and having a 

good time even with everything going on in the world”, says 



 People of different backgrounds, cultures, and age groups 

have been able to share in the fun experiences provided by 

the TikTok app. With so much to offer it is hard to simplify all 

of the variety provided by the app. “My favorite Tik Toks 

would be the ‘Something New’ challenge because people 

are doing it with their families, and I think that is so cute, and 

the ‘Savage’ challenges because I love Megan Thee Stallion 

and it seemed like a difficult challenge at first, but one I 

learned it was a lot of fun,” said Burke.


There are many different categories on the app such as 

makeup, comedy, dancing and even cooking. It is a great 

way to burn calories as some people do by learning dance 

and working out challenges. Tik Tok can definitely help with 

creating a healthier lifestyle at home with healthy cooking 



The thing that makes Tik- Tok so popular is there is a lot 

achieved in the 15 or 60 second video. There are many 

different edit options which create a variety of edits that can

be made 


 If anyone is looking to pick up new hobbies and explore the 

creativity people have to contribute from all over the world, 

or even just need a distraction from a world crisis, Tik Tok is 

a fun and intriguing app for all ages.