Student Perspective

Brady is rumored to be willing to replace Phillip Rivers as the face of the Chargers. Sports Network/Courtesy photo

The offseason of the NFL has been as confusing as it has been exciting. With so much hype being placed on the well performing combine, attention has been shifting back and forth between current and future players. Perhaps the biggest free agency question lies in the hands of the deemed ‘G.O.A.T.’ Tom Brady. The former sixth rounder has won six Super Bowl titles dating back to 2001 and has played with the New England Patriots for his entire career. After many deemed the previous 12-4 season the drastic end of a dynasty, rumors and questions on the future status of where Brady will play has been up in the air. Suspicions on retirement were quelled in a Super Bowl ad where Brady states he is returning. To what team, however, he did not specify. With teams like the Bears, Raiders, Chargers, Colts and several others in the market for quarterbacks, Brady is a hot commodity that most teams would be willing to add. With teams like the Jacksonville Jaguars trading players and gaining multiple picks, they have recently become a team possible for Brady to want to go to. Other more logical and popular teams that most people are anticipating are the Chargers and Colts. Although, recent reports have linked Brady to the NFC Champion San Francisco 49ers, the team held by his former backup Jimmy Garoppolo. As an original California native, my hope is for the legendary quarterback to play for newly renamed Las Vegas Raiders. Though they have guaranteed money given to current starting Derek Carr, the opportunity to restructure the team with solid receivers for Brady to work with and a young core eager to win is a viable option that Brady should consider. A major option could be Brady simply decided to test the waters but remain with long time head coach Bill Belichick in New England Whatever team he decides to move with, the main question mark on his contract and plans on how long