Preparation for Graduation

GSU graduating senior Briana Collins (left) and GSU data records analyst Jimya Boston. Courtesy photos

The Spring semester will be coming to an end before you know it. 

Seniors are getting ready to walk across the stage and get their degree but it’s not as easy as I just said. 

Senior year is arguably the most challenging year in college, especially when it comes to getting your ducks in a row to get your degree. 

There are many things to do before walking across the stage. 

Jimya Boston, a data records analyst in the GSU Registrar’s Office, explained the three steps she has to go through in order to check applications for graduation. 

Step 1: Review the cover page of the graduation application to see if there are any transcripts from outside insitutions that can be used towards graduation.

Step 2: Check for the course substitutiosn forms from their major department. The form displays the approval of the specified courses that can be entered from the student’s trasncript from the outside institution to be used towards graduation. 

 Step 3: Boston said after she analyzes the documentations, her colleagues in the Registrar’s Office take on their individual duties for the completion of the graduation clearance process. 

“My role in preparing the students for graduation, as the data records analyst, is to analyze in thorough detail all of the required documentation is attached with the student’s graduation applications,” Boston said. “This includes transcripts from other schools and course substitution forms from their designated department.”

Briana Collins, a senior mass commutation major explained what she is doing in order to be prepared for graduation. 

She expressed the importance of making sure at the beginning of the semester you are taking the right classes. 

“Okay so first I had to have a talk with my advisor just to make sure I was on track with all of my credits,” Collins said. “I didn’t want any surprises and there are so many people who aren’t taking the right classes, so it’s best to get this right at the beginning of the semester. I also had to put in my graduation packet, make sure all my community service hours were up to date, and I had to make sure that my advisor was aware of my internship I had.”

Collins also had to think about things that had nothing to do with school work, but are necessary for a successful and enjoyable graduation day. 

“You have to think about stuff like where are your parents going to stay in such a small town, and getting graduation pictures taken and sending out invitations and making sure you don’t miss anyone,” Boston said. 

Not only people like Boston are working to pull off a successful graduation, but others across campus are working as well. 

“It is definitely a collaborative effort,” said Boston. “Team work makes the dream work!” 

The President of the University and committees help with many things. Graduation is additionally streamed on the GSU YouTube Channel, so it takes a group of students from the TV Center to stream the ceremony. 

Every graduating class, one can tell that Grambling State University puts their best foot forward for the graduation. ceremony.