Male and female perspectives on G-Herbo’s ‘PTSD’

Album cover for G-Herbo’s “PTSD”.

G-Herbo performs in front of an audience in Chicago.

Name: Nikayla Fisher

Classification: Sophomore  

Major: Secondary education

Hometown: Junction City, Ark.


I’ve been a fan of G-Herbo for about three or four years when I first discovered Chicago music. 

I have three favorite songs off of the PSTD album. “Feelings” is one of my favorites because of the storyline behind it. I’m a fan of rappers that tell a story and that’s exactly what this song does for me. 

“The Intro” is another favorite, because that’s what makes the entire album and Herb is definitely undefeated when it comes to them. The Intro just starts off so aggressive and it actually gets you ready for every song after it. The final song is “In this b*tch” because I’m ratchet honestly and that song just turns me up really. The song is just a vibe that I’ll play on the way to any party. This album impacted me in a major way and many different ways. 

This album motivated me to keep pushing, to not care what anybody thinks of you, and to keep the ones you love around forever. I would recommend people to listen to this album alone honestly. This album was one that you had to marinate on, the reason I say alone is because you need to be able to listen to every song and get every message that the song is portraying. 

Yes, this album had a lot of ties to black communities around the world. Herb talks about plenty of struggles that he has and that we as fans can relate to. The stories told throughout the album are ones that we’ve all faced and that were still facing, but there’s also some motivation in there to get you through. This album is different from any other tape G-Herbo has put out because of the wait honestly. I feel like the wait was so long, because he put his heart in it.

Name: Vino Taylor 

Classification: Freshman

Major: Mass Communication

Hometown: Chicago, Ill.


I am from Chicago so I heard of Herbo long before Grambling did. 

I’ve been a fan since 2010.He has a very large significance to the city, not only is he building a school but the overall impact he has on the youth is huge. 

My favorite songs on the album are “Feelings” and “ Intuition”.      

On the song feelings he said “I won’t speak on things that I did because when you really bite, you don’t gotta bark”. 

That stood out to me because in this age of social media and with people in general, everyone wants to prove to other people how “real” they are. 

On “Intuition” Herb sings, “ I’m still here because I didn’t care about who was gangster more than me.” 

This stood out to me because I can name about ten people whom I grew up with in Chicago that were shot and killed.

 I feel like those ten people would still be here if they weren’t trying to prove that they were the toughest in the neighborhood.

This album is different from his previous work because all he use to rap about was drugs and gang banging, but now that he has matured and seen that the world is bigger than 79 Essex(his block) he has a different point of view, or a broader one.