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Contract with Barnes & Noble extended

The Barnes & Noble bookstore is in Favrot Student Union. File photo

Barnes and Noble recently extended a five-year contract with Grambling State University to operate the campus bookstore which also sells GSU apparel and gifts.

Barnes and Noble is located on the ground floor in the Favrot Student Union at 403 Main St. on campus.

In this new contract, students will save money on their course and digital materials, said Alfredo Morelos, bookstore director. Contributions to scholarships will be given to students and a percentage of sales will be given back to the university.

Apart from the contract extension, Barnes and Noble will now be introducing the “Game Day Trailer.”  

This is a trailer that Barnes and Noble will set up at events such as football games to display and sell their apparel. Before this trailer, Barnes and Noble would set up tables at games and this would usually be an inconvenience. The trailer gives them more mobility as they can just attach it to a truck and be able to move to other areas as easily. 

Barnes and Noble also has an online tutoring service called Bartleby. This program allows students to find a suitable way for learning in their own way and on their own time. 

Another service that Barnes and Noble provides that was not part of the previous contract is an event called the “distress event,” Morelos said. Morelos explained that the distress event is used to help students cope with the pressures of university life and find a positive way of dealing with their emotions. 

“The ‘distress event’ helps students find an outlet for their everyday stress of school,” he said. “This is not with the contract. It has been going on for about two to three years. This is usually done once every semester. This year we are trying to have it outside on the Quad,” Morelos said. 

“We will begin to advertise for this activity at least one week in advance,” he said.

Barnes and Noble continues to provide for students’ smaller needs such as providing basic school materials for any student in need.  

Shamara Telemacque, a nursing student and senior on campus, relies on Barnes and Noble for her school supplies.

“Barnes and Noble is where I usually get my blue or green scantrons or blue books for my tests and exams or, if I need a textbook I go there to see if it is available,” Telemacque said.

Barnes and Nobles provides a service to the students of Grambling State University and with this extension on their contract the service will continue. Barnes and Noble bookstore exemplifies, the foundation of college spirit. This retail store showcases what it is to be a Gramblinite.