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Should I be worried about the ‘best friend’?

Question: This guy I’m seriously talking to keeps bringing up how important his best friend is to him. He bought her wine and flowers for Valentine’s Day because he didn’t want her to feel alone. He bought me a cheap gift and said people think they are together and last week he secretly went to Dallas and didn’t tell me until he was already on the road. He’s been ignoring my calls and tweeting weird stuff. Do you think his “best friend” is his actual friend or is there some funny stuff going on?

Ayeisha: If this was a decade ago, I would’ve pulled the Sweetpea like in the movie BabyBoy and tell you to get my gun. But I gave my life to Christ and I have things to lose and by the time you’re reading this, your thoughts and feelings will change too.

Girlfriend, please leave him alone. Let it go! I refuse to go into why because you know what it is. Pick up your face and walk away with grace. With that being said, date around! Always keep your options open and close your legs!

Never talk to one guy unless you meet a man that would like to be with you, exclusively. Remember when Aesop said, “Don’t Count Your Chickens Before They Hatch”? Yeah, he was spot on.

I’ll put it to you this way, men are like internships: apply for the ones with most benefits and have more than one option and look at multiple cities. 

Eventually, that one will contact you and you can make the choice to either say yes or move on. Simple.

A great way to open your options is start by attending university alumni events hosted by the university president, art galas, music and/or food festivals, farmers markets, five star golf resorts, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, airport lounges (Delta sky lounge is lit) and conventions such as tech, medical, education, etc. You meet sooooo many people and it’s a great way to network.

Never put your eggs into one basket beloved but always keep it classy not trampy.

Best of luck!

Ayeisha Gipson is a senior history major from San Diego, Calif. She enjoys wig tutorials, buttercake and reruns of The Jefferson’s. You can contact her via Instagram: AyeishaNOCurry or email Ayeishag@aol.com