Annual pageant to be held Saturday

The 52nd Annual Calendar Girl Scholarship Pageant is set to be held on Saturday, March 7 in the Frederick C. Hobdy Assembly Center. 

This year’s theme is “A Vineyard of Beauty,” demonstrating demonstrating the many lovely ladies and the different beautiful aspects they will bring to the show.     

The contestants have been practicing since early January to perfect their skills for the show and learn the opening number. 

“I have been very impressed with the ladies who are competing this year they have been showing up to practices willing to stay late when needed and progressing getting better and better everyday,” said Barbara Payne campus wide activities coordinator. 

There are two separate titles that the ladies can compete for, Cover Girl and Calendar Girl. 

The Miss Cover Girl title is the biggest title of the night, ladies in this category will have to present a talent, platform, and have an interview with the judges before the pageant. 

There will be a cover girl 1st runner up and second runner up. 

The calendar girl contestants have a bigger chance winning a title due to there being 12 months on the year. 

The placements start at the September month being first place and leading all the way through August.  

It is a lot of work pulling a show like this together 

There are a lot of details that go into building the pageant even after working on it for years there’s always something new to incorporate and changes to be made. 

“Creating a flawless and memorable show is always what we aim to do. This year is no different,” said Sharon Perkins, Director of Student Activities. 

The ladies have to receive donations from a sponsor and patrons to raise money to compete in the pageant there are also ways for businesses to promote in the pageant program by donating money to a contestant there are many different sizes of promotion to choose from starting at business card size and full page promotions. 

Taja Tillman, a senior accounting and C.I.S. major from Houston, Texas and business manager for the Favrot Student Board, has been working closely with the pageant assisting with pageant needs and input on musical selections. 

“It’s been exciting to see the ladies grow and learn the dances it takes a lot of confidence to do what they’re doing,” said Tillman. 

There is an intro selection with all of the ladies together to open the show then as the show progresses the contestants will present day wear, swim wear and and formal wear. 

There are also other awards of the night such as Miss Congeniality, Miss Sense of Style and Miss Academic Excellence to name a few.

 “There are a lot of great things to be expected from this pageant all of the contestants have so much pizazz to offer to make this show unique so I’m definitely excited to see how it’s brought together,” said Payne. 

Campus and community members can be sure to expect a fun show and a night full of elegance and poise. 

Entrance is free to all and the show will start promptly at 7 p.m.