Tiger Top 5

1.Big Freedia ft. Lizzo ~ “Karaoke”

It is only right that the top spot goes to the queen of bounce music. BIg Freedia exudes the style and vibe of New Orleans through all of her music. This partnership with Lizzo has been one of her biggest songs to dat. She is definitely the go to for getting int he mood for the Holiday Mardi Gras 


2. Sissy Nobby ~ “Gitty Up” 

This fast pace bounce song it sure to get everyone dancing with its high energy and fast beat its not hard to see why it is number  two on my list. 


3.Vickeelo~ “Sit on Dat”

Although this song seems a bit provocative, it is actually intended to be a funny song for   the ladies.  


4, Foxx~ “Jigga Train” 

“Jigging” is a popular Louisiana Dance That Started in Baton Rouge  and soon spread throughout the whole state .  once this song come on you can  expect to see  the dance come to life!


5.ReUpReedy~The Rules 

ReUp Reedy is a newer artist in bouncer music making waves in  Louisiana and surrounding states. after giving birth she came back with the song and  her fans couldn’t get enough of it . although the song isn’t much for dancing it still get a crowd hype and in a Mardi Gras mood.