Heavenly Faith starts Heavenly Nails

Name: Heavenly Faith Graves 

Major: Psychology 

Classification: Junior 

Hometown: Moreno Valley, Ca 

Age: 20


What made you take an interest in nails?

Since I was little I have always had an interest in nails, playing in nail polish was something I found to be therapeutic over the years. I stopped when I came to college and eventually taught myself there is everything to know about acrylic nails. 

It’s something I really love to do and I can see myself furthering my nail career in the future. 


When did you start doing nails?

I started practicing nails April of 2019 for 2 months and stopped. I then continued doing nails November of 2019 and I started taking clients January of 2020. 


What is your pricing like?

My price range now varies between $25-$35 based on different accommodations my clients have. 

What can your customers expect from you?

My customers can expect great customer service as well as great gratitude for myself and a great experience, most importantly pretty nails!! 


How are you set apart from other nail techs on campus?

I am set apart from other nail techs on campus because I love to have fun doing what I do. 

I’m an easy person to talk to about anything school related, personal, or just in general. I love to make my clients feel welcomed. 

I try to fix all mistakes as best as possible but, I also tell my clients I’m still learning and they all have patience with me which I love. 


 What are some of the nails styles you offer?

Some nail styles I offer include: ombré , coffin nails, tapered square, stilleto, basic sets, long sets, short sets. I love to step out of my comfort zone and try new things.

Social media: 

Twitter: Lovely_heavenly 

Instagram: Heavenlynailz