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GSU employee dedicates her life to serving others


Grambling State University employee has dedicated her life to servicing others.

Altha Madison, a career counselor within the GSU’s Office of Career Services, has dedicated her life to helping others in whatever capacity she can. 

Madison, a native of Ruston, La., has a history with Grambling State University. 

Her mother, Beulah Madison, was employed by GSU for over 20 years in janitorial services. 

A first-generation graduate, Madison holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in criminal justice from Grambling State University. 

Madison also holds a certificate in guidance and counseling. 

She is the mother of two sons, one of whom is a sophomore mass communications major at Grambling. 

Madison said that she became a career counselor because she has always been in the field of helping and wanting to see people achieve their dreams. 

“Once I received an offer,  I accepted and started to work with the students,” Madison said. “I found my niche.” 

Madison joined the Offices of Career Services at Grambling State University in July 2015. 

As a career counselor, Madison said that she has to follow new resume trends. 

“The software is always changing,” Madison said. “We want to make sure that Grambling State University students have the same access to platforms as other university students.”

Madison said what she loves the most about being a career counselor is seeing the transition of students.  

“Seeing them graduate, seeing them get offered their jobs and having multiple offers to choose from,” she said. 

Madison previously worked with the Living Learning Communities at GSU, while she pursued her master’s degree. In that job her goal was to help students transition from high school to college. 

“Until this very day, I still see students,” Madison said. “They still give me hugs and they’re pursuing what they started out in.” 

She also worked as a graduate student in GSU’s Office of Retention and later became a retention specialist. 

Another job she held was as a child welfare specialist, assisting families in helping rebuild themselves.  

Madison served a stint as a 92 Alpha in the military in Kuwait. 

“I wasn’t in the front lines,” she said. “I was an automated logistics specialist, where I would locate containers, order things, and I enjoyed it.”

After serving eight months in Kuwait, Madison said that she was stationed in Baton Rouge where she worked with the military’s Family Readiness Program.

“I’m talking to families if they have questions, doing presentations, letting them know that this is your LES (leave and earnings statement), this is how you read it, this is what your spouse is bringing home,” said Madison.  

Madison said that her job required her to serve as a liaison for soldiers and their families. 

“I worked with families in Washington and New York,” said Madison. “I’ve always been in a role where I can help find resources.”  

Madison said she also worked as a mental health specialist. 

“I’ve always been in that counseling arena,” said Madison. 

Madison said that she hopes to have accomplished gaining over ninety-percent of student participation with the Office of Career Services when she chooses to leave Grambling State University. 

“Career Services is vital,” said Madison. “Professors give you the technical skills of the career, we want to make sure you have those interpersonal skills.”   

Madison said that she wants to make sure that the Office of Career Services is set up to where every student gain knowledge before going out into the corporate world.