Commentary: City’s failure to comment on audit bad for citizens

It is one thing to always talk about the good things that are going on within the community because positivity elevates everyone, however, it is another thing to not talk about or hide an issue that could have a major effect towards people.  

Inspirational author Shannon L. Alder once said, “silence is the lie that screams and the light.” When we refuse to not talk about the issues that are right in front us, we are doing more harm to our community than good.  This is not to look down at our leaders who are doing what they can to fix it, but it is a notice to those leaders that we would like to be kept in the loop.  

We need to know in order for us to come together to support them through prayer and by standing with them. 

So far, there has not been any current reports from the mayor’s office.  

What are the people of Grambling supposed to do when they know something is going to have a negative effect on their community, but are not being addressed about the issue at hand?  

We cannot sit around and settle for anything that comes our way, because what if we cannot handle what comes our way? 

What if we stumble and fall into a hole we cannot crawl out of?  

It is important to know about the storms that are heading towards in order to be prepared for the mess it will leave in front of us.